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Your chance to escape for a while, from hustle-bustle and monotony, to a child and youth free environment of peace and tranquility, alongside friendly people just like you, who cherish the same.

Now, you can benefit from a credible 4G MOBILE PHONE signal on the site.

"Riverside Tourer Park"
is divided into two areas.          

The "Millrace" is the licenced part of the site, which means that even though you may be a caravan club member, you don't necessarily have to be a member of any club, to enjoy a well earned break with your touring Caravan, Motorhome or Campervan on this area.

Photo: 19th September 2017


To view a unique navigable 360deg aerial view of the site and surounding area,
just click on this link:  

And the   "CL"   (Certificated Location),  available to a total of five units belonging to Members of the Caravan Club.

We originally opened as a 5 van Caravan Club "Certificated Location" (CL) in 1997, and quickly gained popularity.  We had so many regulars requesting to come and stay with us that there were stages in the year when we were constantly having to turn down bookings as the 5 van capacity had been reached.  We then, in 2003 applied for planning consent to develop our adjoining land to create extra pitches, which we now call the Millrace area.

The "Millrace" area is now widely used by Caravan Club Members who we could not accommodate on the "CL" area, at the time of booking, because of being full with the limited capacity of five.  

The "Millrace" is already a first choice with many regular clients because of its matured, & rather unique landscaping.

The "Millrace" is just the same low price as the "CL", but not tied to any Club, therefore Non-Members are welcome.

Photo: Millrace, 3rd June 2017

See over 300 guest reviews on the "Guest Book" page:

Since we opened in 1997, we have had the pleasure of meeting and welcoming many wonderful people to Riverside. Some of them visit the site several times a year and have become close friends to us. 

With the passage of time, many of the loyal orriginals have become too old to continue caravanning. Sadly some are no longer with us.

We would love to welcome you as a first time guest, with the hope that the site brings you the same level of pleasure it's provided for our previous guests through the many years.

Many of the photos of the site, on this website are bang up to date, having been taken only a very short while ago. 

Photos such as this one, are taken on a regular basis from our drone or mobile access hoist, and published almost immediately.

They keep you up to date with what the site currently looks like, and enable you to make your own judgement of the on-going lengths we go to, to maintain the site to the best possible standard.
Photo: 21st April 2018

In order to keep viewers of the website up to date, we may choose to take photo updates during your stay.  It is important that you are aware that periodic photos from our access hoist, and drone, may be taken at short notice during your stay without warning.

Visit the "GUESTBOOK" page to see over 280 reviews of the Site & area.
And after a stay at Riverside, we invite you to review of your experience.

Current AVAILABILITY is shown on the "Availability" page.
The page is regulary updated, at least once a day.   



Initially, "Riverside Tourer Park" was born in 1997
as a "Caravan Club Certificated Location, (CL)".

Because we have enjoyed a treasured long term friendly association with the Caravan Club, with its loyal and trusted members, part of Riverside Tourer Park still remains to be maintained as a CL.  


has a large area of lawned grass along the whole length of the river edge, designed for all guests to share and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the riverbank.                        

Photo: Sun. 16th July 2017

The dominating River Caldew and its tributary Beck, (Gillcambon) converge on the site, and are completely open and accessible to site users, and form over half of the perimeter.

Photo: Tues. 18th July 2017

Although the CL area is quite a large area, it only has 6 well spaced level and wide hard standing pitches, all with electric hook-ups. 

Not only do all the pitches face towards the river, but they are all, (sunny) south facing. 

Discreet dusk-to-dawn lighting is provided over the whole of the site.

Photo:  CL Sept. 2017                                                                                                            

Mains water, waste and chemical disposal.  WC and FREE shower are laid on, to a unique and  warmly appraised rustic standard.

The CL 
Tues. 18th July 2017


Due to the ever increasing popularity of the CL, we obtained planning permission on our adjoining land in 2003 to provide extra pitches.

We named these pitches the "Millrace" area, which are available to non members, members of any club, and to Caravan Club Members who contact us to book after the CL area is fully booked to its capacity of 5.

The "MILLRACE" area.

We've gone a step further with the "Millrace" landscaping, and planted conifer hedges between all of the hard standing pitches.

These all year round hedges are now at a muture stage where they provide well appraised privacy screening.                                   

In addition to the function of a sun trap, the hedges also provide valuable shelter during periods of breeze or windy weather, which can be reassuring if you have an awning or canopy.

As full planning permission was granted for this area, (in 2003) we are not tied to any club, so we can also offer it to Non-Members, as well as Caravan Club Members.      

We named it the "MILLRACE",  (after the water coarse from the Mill Dam sluice, to the water wheel of the Saw Mill).


We developed and landscaped the Millrace in almost mirror image of the existing, (CL), with 10 well spaced pitches.

9 level and wide hard standings with privacy hedges, and one hard standing across grass, all river and, (sunny) south facing, with electric h/ups.

Photo: 16th July 2017            

Again we have opened up the stretch of river bordering this land to provide complete access to site users.

The "Millrace"
has proved to be very popular with Caravan Club members, and non members who enjoy the tranquillity of a small child free site.

Photo: 3rd June 2017

The "Millrace"
has no ties to any club, so it can also be used by non-members, and members of any club.

Photo: 3rd June 2017

We've created a river edge picnic area, with table/benches and seats, under the canopy of the trees, designed for all guests, to use and enjoy.  

These table/benches are ideal for sitting out-doors to use the site's the Wifi internet access.                                                              

We've also installed feeders for the now rare native RED squirrels. There's quite a vast range of wild bird life on or around the river.

The pre-1940's Mill Dam, (feeding the village Saw Mill, which our family ancestors owned and worked) used to be in this stretch of river.                                                    The Millrace, that fed the sawmill with its water power source from the dam in the river, once flowed through the lower edge of this land, hence our naming of this part of the site.  

The dam was irretrievably damaged by an extremely high river in the early half of the last century.  

The Millrace has its own filling/emptying area, which is very similar in design to the large Caravan Club sites you may be accustomed to, with just a few unique user friendly tweaks.  

The Millrace area has a separate WC and FREE shower.

Also a park-alongside Motor Van fill/Waste emptying point which is available to all site users.

 For dog owners we have a small dedicated (flood lit) river edge dog walk area, (handy for early morning and late evening loo-calls)

Dogs must be kept under strict control whilst on the site, and on a lead of not more than 3mtrs in length.  And please, NO games of fetch or ball games allowed on site.   It is very important that your dog does not invade other site users space.  

Any fouling should be picked up and placed in the dedicated bins.

Please read the Conditions on the "Dog and Pet friendly" page.