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Owner / Proprietors:-   John & Dawn BELL

Site Security Dogs:-   Chloe and Honey

We are a Husband & Wife team, (often mistaken by new guests as the Gardener and Cleaner), who have actually carried out all the planning, design, manual construction, Electrical, Plumbing, Joinery, and landscaping work our-selves without any form of outside help or advice. 
We don't employ any permanent staff, therefore we do all the manual day-to-day chores of general maintenance, weed control, grass/hedge cutting, & Janitorial duties. 

It will also be one of us that you speak to on the phone when you make an enquiry or booking.
(No not Chloe or Honey)             

We've installed the WiFi Internet Access our-selves,
(which definitely can't be described as a Micky Mouse System). 
We regularly maintain its secure configeration to provide the best possible connectivity over the site,  with three,   4 channel,    directional pole mounted access points.
Read the note on WiFi internet access system on the "Visitor information" page.
 (The recently improved local Broadband may still be a little slower than urban areas)   

We designed this, (plain with no frills) very informative web-site our selves which we maintain and update at least once each day. Even though the Caravan Park is small, it's quite a large website containing a lot of useful information. Clients have said that this website contains so much information about the site and area, that it reads like a book.  The danger with that, to us, is that if you read it all, you'll take on board too much information and you'll then decide that you don't really need to come and experience it first hand for yourself.                                                                                             

Being Caravaner's, Motorvaner's and Caravan Club members our- selves, we are in-tune with the needs and requirements of our guests.  We have brought back ideas from other sites,  and have also had some quite unique inventive ideas which we have put into practice on the site. (You will have to come and see them to believe them)         

During your stay,  you will find that we keep a friendly but low profile,    our motto being that you come for a peaceful stay with us,  not to be overwhelmed by us.   "Unlike some wardens, on other sites, we are not on a power surge".    

For your security, the whole site is monitored by CCTV,   therefore we will be aware of comings and goings, and anything untoward.

Please be reassured that If you need us,  for guidance or help,  we will be only too happy to be there for you.

John makes sure the site is well cared for


It was the Queens Jubilee in June 2012.

We used our self-restored 1959 Classic Fordson Dexta tractor, and car transporter trailer as a decorated float, travelling between the local villages.

Our theme was "Music and Dance through the past 60 years" (The Queens Reign)

We re-lived our DJ days,  playing randomly selected dance music of the Queen's 60 years reign, through disco speakers, on the move, from the float.

Out of probably 20 to 30 floats,  we were judged by local celebrities including our MP,   and awarded 3rd Prize.