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"WARNING"    IF YOU FOLLOW SAT-NAV  it is very likely that you will OVER SHOOT US. 


John & Dawn Bell,
Rose Garth, Millhouse, Hesket-New-Market, Cumbria, CA7 8HR 
(Please note, "Millhouse" is the name of our small Village/Hamlet)         


The Road between us and the M6 Motorway J41 is Wide and Straight, (approx. 15 minutes).
If you follow the directions below, you won't go wrong. 

SAT-NAV WARNING :-   Please,  DO NOT RELY ON SAT-NAV for the final leg (2 miles) of your journey, or you WILL OVERSHOOT US and potentially get lost. (One out of every three 1st time clients using Sat-Nav does).  You will then need to turn round, which won't be easy with a caravan on the back.  
   (GPS has our post code 1/4 mile beyond our actual location).                                           

TOP-TIP.   If you really do need to use Sat-Nav instead of a map and the road signs,  rather than  entering the destination Post code, enter the destination village name:-  "Millhouse".    (Remember, you need to turn left in Millhouse, as shown on the aerial photo below). 

It is our experience, that some of the people that arrive to the site who constantly use Sat-Nav instead of a map and the road signs, actually don't know where they are when they get here, in relation to the fells, towns/villages and Lake District in General. 

Some of them have actually admitted to us that they don't actually own a map. 
Our question to them has got to be,  Why?

Read what the Daily Mail Says about addicted Sat-Nav users.

So please, it is extremely important that you follow the easy-to-follow directions below, and watch out for our roadside yellow and green sandwich board signs next to the road signs, at the locations as stated below.   "If you follow these directions: YOU WILL NOT GET LOST".                                                                                                               

This map shows the access road
B5305, from M6 Junction 41. (approximately 15 minutes)

(Look out for the "RIVERSIDE" Sandwich board, next to the road sign, just before this junction)

(Look out for the "RIVERSIDE" Sandwich board, next to the MILLHOUSE & 30mph signs, just before village, which instructs you to turn left in MILLHOUSE)

The Village of 
Post Code:-  CA7 8HR

Lots more information about our hamlet of MILLHOUSE
can be found on its dedicated website:  


The Main Entrance Gate.

On arrival,
there's a "Welcome Board" just outside the gate, with easy to read, reassuring instructions.  

On the day of your pre-booked arrival, your name will be added to either the left or right of the board, depending on whether you are booked in the CL or Millrace.


This map shows
"Millhouse" in relation to the local towns, fells and lakes.    (The "Lake District Natonal Park" is shaded in Green.)

To avoid hold-ups such as this,

before your journey to us, get live Up-to-date traffic reports, (updated every 3 minutes) by clicking on this link: