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These are aerial photos of the site, and the adjoining village of Millhouse, which were taken from a helicopter.

In this view, looking north/ west, we have the

Caravan Club CL
in the foreground / bottom right,  
with the
Millrace area, just over the hedge.      

This view looking south/east shows the site in relation to the Hamlet of

Looking north west, including the Hamlet, with the tree lined river Caldew in the foreground.

N.B.  The above photos were taken from a Helicopter in 2010.  During the 5 years since the photos were taken, the trees and hedges have matured, and various upgrades have been carried out, as can be seen on some of the lower level photos on this website.

We would gratefully welcome any photographer associated with aviation or Drone photography to provide us with similar updated aerial photos of the site and village.