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The purpose built main entrance offers plenty of width and space for easy manoeuvreing in and out of the site, to & from the road. 

On arrival, there's enough space for the full length of a car and caravan to be off the road before the gate is opened.

Now, you can benefit from a credible 4G MOBILE PHONE signal on the site.

On arrival, there's a "Welcome Board" just outside the gate, with easy to read, reassuring instructions.  

On the day of your pre-booked arrival, your name will be added to either the left or right of the board, depending on whether you are booked in the CL or Millrace.

The Filling/Emptying facilities are not unlike the standard layout you may be accustomed to on the large Caravan Club sites, with just a few unique practical and logical tweaks to make them even more user friendly.

See over 250 positive appraisals of the facilities & site on the Guest Book page.

There is a Motor Home "grey waste" emptying point adjacent the taps area on the Millrace, which is available to all site users.  

Without leaving the road, you can pull-up along-side and use your hose,  (or one of our unique extensions).

There are two mains drinking water taps, one on the CL and the other on the Millrace.  Both are fitted with a male Hozelock type quick-fit connector.                                             

If you fit a female quick-fit  connector to the other end of your filling hose, it will make the filling of your water container so much easier and quicker.   (No more standing and holding your rubber hose connector onto the tap, with the tap turned down low to prevent it blowing off).

The two grey waste emptying points, (one on the CL and one on the Millrace) are fitted with a unique steel channel for stabilizing your "Waste Master" wheels whilst carrying out the tipping action.

We have a re-cycle policy with the refuse. We gratefully ask that you seperate your refuse into the various labelled dust bins, and we will do our very best to avoid unnecessary land fill.

The CL and the Millrace each have a Chemical toilet emptying point.                                                                                                

Riverside has a "Biological" digestion sewerage system.   
(Not the normal toilet blue, the majority of which contain the non-biological formaldehyde).                                                   

Recommended:-  "One Chem  Pro-biotic",   which is available in all good accessory shops, and on EBAY and AMAZON.   It's designed for both the Flush & Waste of your cassette toilet, with a non Janitorial cherry fragrance which when diluted is discreetly pleasant.  Other products, which contain "Formaldehyde" have been banned in Europe for more than 4 years. Ironically, these non-biological products which contain formaldehyde are still available in the UK.   "One Chem Pro-biotic" is virtually the only non-formaldehyde combined Flush & Waste liquid on the UK market that is totally Pro-biotic and Environmentally friendly.   

"One Chem Pro-biotic Cassette Toilet formula" is currently available on EBAY for as little as  £12.99p with FREE postage,  for a concentrated 1 litre compact plastic bottle with built-in measuring device, which gives an impressive 40 doses. 
(Also available on AMAZON around the same price region, or less).

The warmly appraised, unique, toilets and showers may seem unusual from the outside at first glance, but after giving them a try, you will find them totally private, warm/cosy and very practical, probably more user friendly than most other small sites.

See over 300 positive appraisals of the facilities & site on the Guest Book Page. 

 We find them very easy to keep warm, clean, and maintain to an approved hygienic standard.   They are equipped with:-

  • Hot and cold water at the Basin and Shower unit.
  • Hand Drier.
  • Thermostatically controlled comfort heating.
  • Automatic light illumination linked to an external occupancy indicator light.
  • Swap shop Book Library.
  • Information leaflets.
  • An automatically triggered mechanical air change ventilation system.
  • and last, but probably not least, a wooden seated, low level WC Pan & Cistern. 

All the Electric Hookups have a rating of 10amps, which is 2,500 watts.     Used with respect, 10amps  should serve you well with the most of the needs of the modern Caravan or Motor Home. (Lighting, Television, Microwave, integral Battery Charger and general lower wattage equipment).   However, we do recommend that to avoid any unnecessary tripping of the local mcb,  for space heating and water heating,  you lean more to your Gas equipment. It is important to keep this in mind if you intend to heat your awning during the winter months.