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JAKE & DAISY Melia-Whiting enjoying the 2018 Spring Bank Holiday Sunshine.

We welcome guests to bring their pets along to enjoy the Holiday too. 

You may not cherish the thought of someone else looking after your pet during your absence, whilst you are away enjoying yourselves on holiday.  Your dog/pet is very much part of your family, therefore deserves to be with you.

As animal and bird lovers our selves,  providing you keep control,  and they are NOT noisy,  we welcome you to bring your pet. 


We do not allow "Dangerous Breed" dogs, or dogs with an underlying aggressive nature.

It is important that you are in control of your dog at all times.

We do not tolerate blatantly aggressive, or persistently Noisy dogs.  It is also very important that your dog is NOT left on their own, in your Caravan, Motorhome or Car, whilst you are off-site.  

Whilst on site, it is very important that you keep your dog on a lead, (of no more than 3mtrs in length) and please, definitely no games of fetch, or ball games on site.    

Do not allow your dog to invade your neighbours space, site roads and pathways.
Please tether its lead to a point where it is well out of reach of these areas.

Generally, do not allow your dog to disturb the peaceful environment for other site users.  At no point should other site users feel intimidated by your dog. 

Any fouling, both on-site and off-site, should be picked up and placed in the dedicated bins labelled "doggie bags".



We have dedicated this page to your pets.   If you have any interesting photos of your pet,  that you took during your stay at Riverside, why not email them to us,  riversidetourer@aol.com  and we will endeavour to publish them on this page.   

Scooter and Scamp enjoyed a holiday in May, with their Mum & Dad, Dave & Evelyn Paterson


"Rebel" Sumner-Barnes visits Riverside as often as he can.  He has such a busy time eyeing up the local talent and birds. 

Then a late afternoon, macho dip.

But squeezing in the time for a well deserved sit down, just before the alfresco supper.