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The aim of this page is to provide to you, (if you have booked to stay with us in the near future),   information about current topics of interest, functions, local routines and services, which may just enhance your stay.  Why not print this page and bring it with you.                                                                     

If you bring your Lap-Top, you can refer to this page whilst you are on site, using our wi-fi facility.    Also whilst staying on site, (wi-fi connected) we welcome you to e.mail  us with any queries you may have.


For a forecast of up to 10 days, in our area, go to this website:-  www.weatherhq.co.uk/hesket-newmarket   or    www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2647039 


"The Lake District Walker", based in Cockermouth,  offers affordable, fun days out for everyone, with at least one organised guided walk a day, every day of the year.                    Log into their website:-           www.thelakedistrictwalker.co.uk


A good percentage of our clients are "Motor home" owners, and visit the site many times each year.  For clients who are just starting off with a motor home or camper van for perhaps the first time, especially if you do not intend to move your unit off site once pitched, without any other form of transport,  you will be able to enjoy the scenic peaceful relaxed child free environment of the site,  BUT will probably miss out in seeing a lot of what our unique area has to offer. 

We want you to enjoy our area to its maximum potential, therefore it is important, (especially if you are a constant Sat-Nav user) that before you come to us, you take time to study a map to see where we are situated in relation to villages/towns, fells and the Lake District in General.  Some Motor Home owners have actually revealed to us when they arrive, that they dont actually own a map.  Our question to them has got to be, Why?

Listed below, for Motor Home, and Caravan owners, is a little guidance about the site, the area, and the area's facilities. 

  • You will be guaranteed one of our hard standing pitches, ("Motor Homes, please keep off the Grass"). 
  • All pitches have an Electric Hook-up.
  • For on-board water tanks, the drinking water tap is approx. 6 mtrs from site road.
  • We have an on-board waste emptying point approx. 2.5 mtrs from Millrace site road.
  • Carlisle to Keswick bus service, nearest pick-up point is Hesket-New-Market, (1.5 miles)
  • WE now have a credible MOBILE PHONE signal on all networks on the site.
  • Wi-Fi Internet access, now FREE.
  • There are no Taxis in the area.
  • The nearest shops,    Hesket-New-Market  (1.5 miles)      and Caldbeck (3 miles).
  • The nearest pubs, (Old Crown) Hesket-New-Market (1.5 miles),   Oddfellows (Caldbeck)
  • The nearest Gas,  (Calor Gas)    Caldbeck Shop / Post Office  (3 miles)
  • Nearest  Petrol / Diesel,   Caldbeck  (3 miles)
  • The nearest Fells, Carrock and High Pike are 2 miles away.
  • Bring your push-bikes,  the terrain is ideal,  the roads are quiet.
  • Local Walks.  Plenty of foot paths through the fields, and the roads are very quiet.
  • The Open Commonland of the mineral rich Northern Fells, (a walkers paradise) is only 2 miles from the site.

It is very important that if you leave the site in your motorhome, for a days outing, or even for a brief period, you reserve your pitch by placing a prominent label on it, which will prevent it being taken over by an unaware new arrival.


The MV waste emptying gulley is situated just with-in the Millrace gate.  It is designed for you to park on the road along side,  and use your own hose or one of our unique extending adaptors.


There is no "daily" Bus service directly from Millhouse. There is how-ever a daily bus service through the summer months, (Saturdays only in winter) between Carlisle and Keswick, which calls at Caldbeck and Hesket-New-Market.   For details of this service, and timetable, just google "Caldbeck Rambler-Stagecoach"  (powered by adobe reader & flashplayer)


TV reception is excellent.     The new digital transmitter is only 5 miles from us.  The recently replaced mast is the 3rd tallest structure in the UK, and transmits to most of Cumbria and the south west of Scotland.  

PLEASE do not view live tv through the site WiFi system on your computor or tablet, as it drastically slows down the broadband for other site users.  Please bring a tv with you.     

Satellite reception is good on any of the pitches away from the trees, (which line the river).


You can now benefit from a credible 4G MOBILE PHONE SIGNAL on the site.
 (All networks).

The construction of 2 nearby phone towers have now been completed, and went live in May 2016. This means that a credible 4G phone signal is now available on the site, on all the major networks.  


For those who bring a Laptop,Tablet or Smart phone,
we have "WI-FI"internet access.

Our FREE of charge, credible WiFi system offers users the ability to carryout the daily routines of emails and logging into your favourite web sites etc.

It will result in the system being seriously overloaded and clogged which will then result in a total shut down, in turn depriving you and other site users from this valuable asset.

The local television reception is brilliant, so please bring a TV set with you.

"Please Remember" that a Caravan or a Motorhome is realistically a steel box, which seriously restricts the necessary WiFi  communicating signals.  Our WiFi system is quite powerful, even powerful enough to penitrate to the interiour of your Caravan/Motorhome, but to make the best possible connection you do need to be out in the open and away from the steel shield of your van, especially for your first intial connection to our system.  

Top Tip: 
To obtain a better, smoother connection to our WiFi, we recommend that you "re-boot", your tablet, smart phone or laptop, which tends to have a refreshing effect, and uncloggs any unwanted bits that may have become routine to your wireless router at home.
This is especially necessary if your tablet, smart phone or lap top has been routinely kept on stand-by or sleep mode.

"Re-boot" means:- completely power down or switch off, then power it back up or switch on.  In some cases, with laptops, it's adviseable to disconnect or take out the battery, and then put it back in again.
(Our WiFi system is auto re-booted at 3.0am each morning, to ensure it's kept refreshed)

The local rural Broadband has recently under gone an upgrade, but it's probably still not as fast as urban areas,  or the speeds you may be accustomed to at home.  But it is better than some of the more remote areas of Lakeland.  Fibre-optic cables have recently been installed as near as Hesket Newmarket, (only 1.5 miles away)  which has made a slight improvement to the speed, and connectivity.

  You can simply gain access to the WI-FI facility by following the detailed instructions on the site notice board/s.

This is a service we provide, funded entirely out of our own pockets, purely for the benefit of our guests, and this cost cannot be absorbed like large turnover companies.  It costs us a great deal to up-keep and maintain,    (with its unavoidable periodic up-grades with the very best of equipment available,  + dedicated Commercial Broadband and all year, all season line rental, which is a financial burden to us during the winter months when there are fewer guests on the site, resulting in minimul takings).


All the Electric Hookups have a rating of 10amps, which is 2,500 watts.     Used with respect, 10amps  should serve you well with the most of the needs of the modern Caravan or Motor Home. (Lighting, Television, Microwave, integral Battery Charger and general lower wattage equipment).   However, we do recommend that to avoid any unnecessary tripping of the local mcb,  for space heating and water heating,  you lean more to your Gas equipment. It is important to keep this in mind if you intend to heat your awning during the winter months.


There are two mains drinking water taps, one on the CL, and one on the Millrace.  Both are fitted  with a male quick-fit  snap-on "Hoselock type" connector.   To make filling easier, why not fit a female quick-fit connector on to the other end of your filling hose.


  • Wigton Auction Mart, (Market & Car Boot) every Friday, (part under cover)
  • Penrith Auction Mart, Market & Car Boot (nr M6 Junct. 40) every Saturday.
  • Penrith town centre, Market every Tuesday
  • Keswick town centre, Market every Saturday
  • Cockermouth Auction Mart, (Car Boot)  every Sunday, (under cover)
  • Lough Farm Equestrian Centre, Brisco, Car Boot  (nr M6 Junct. 42) every Sunday
  • Silloth Airfield, Market and Car Boot every Sunday, during Summer. 


BBC Radio Cumbria   95.6 FM

CFM             96.4 FM   &    102.2 FM


THE VILLAGE SHOP / POSTOFFICE,  Hesket-New-Market.  Groceries & Fresh Food.  Includes off-licence.   Adjoining Tea Room & take-away food.  Tel:  016974 78229

KIRKLAND STORES / POSTOFFICE,  Caldbeck.  Groceries & Fresh Food.  Includes off-licence.  Calor Gas, Diesel and Petrol.   Tel:  016974 78252


KIRKLAND STORE,  Caldbeck        Diesel,   Petrol   and   'Calor' Gas.  Tel: 016974 78252 


Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda offer deliveries to the site, in response to on-line orders.  
If you do place an on line order, it is very important that the delivery is labelled with your pitch number and area of the site.

We would appreciate forewarning of the delivery,  just in case it requires our intervention with directions.   Just give us a call, to warn us of your expected delivery, and time-slot. 
016974 78571

TESCO                      Rosehill, Carlisle  M6 J43.  also City Centre

MORRISONS             Brunswick Road,  Penrith.

ALDI                         Ullswater Road,  Penrith

ICELAND                  Ullswater Road,  Penrith

PETS AT HOME        Ullswater Road,  Penrith

HALFORDS               Ullswater Road,  Penrith

B & Q  Superstore    Ullswater Road,  Penrith

COOPERATIVE         King Street,   Penrith.

COOPERATIVE         Station Road,   Wigton.

LIDDL                       Wigton  +  Carlisle

BOOTHS                   Keswick,  Kendal  +  Penrith

SAINSBURYS            Cockermouth,  Carlisle   +   Penrith

ASDA                        Carlisle,  Kingstown M6 J44,  also London Road


We have an Excellent Doctors Surgery in Caldbeck,  Tel: 016974 78254 http://www.caldbecksurgery.co.uk/


THE GREEN  veterinary Surgery, Skelton,   Tel: 017684 84258              www.greenvetskelton.co.uk

CALDEW VETERINARY HOSPITAL Dalston near Carlisle, 01228 710208       http://www.paragonvet.com


Dalston Dental Practice, Dalston,   Tel: 01228 711272  http://www.dalstondental.com/


THE ODD FELLOWS ARMS,  Caldbeck,  Tel: 016974 78227                                                 www.oddfellows-caldbeck.co.uk

THE OLD CROWN, and associated Brewery.    Hesket-New-Market,  Tel: 016974 78288                  www.hesketbrewery.co.uk   and    www.theoldcrownpub.co.uk
For Food, pre-booking is essential.

THE MILL INN,  Mungrisdale,  Tel: 017687 79632      www.the-millinn.co.uk


DENTON HOUSE Guest House + Restaurant,  Hesket-New-Market,  Tel: 016974 78415              Handy if you wish to bring non-camping family or friends with you.    www.dentonhouseguesthouse.co.uk


"CARAVAN SUPPLIES PENRITH"       Parts, Accessories & Consumables for Caravans, Motorhomes, Statics and Camping.   Unit 36E, Allans Building, Gillwilly industrial Estate,   Penrith.  CA11 9BF.   Telephone:-   01768 840648                                                                      www.caravansuppliespenrith.co.uk

"CARLISLE CARAVAN CENTRE" Harker Nr. Carlisle, CA6 4DS.   Half mile from M6 Junction 44 on Longtown road.   Tel: 01228 674570    www.carlislecaravancentre.co.uk

"CALLENDER CARAVANS"  Scotland Road, Carnforth, Lancs.  1 Mile from M6 Junction 35.  Tel: 01524 732224    http://www.callendercaravans.co.uk


JOHN SCOTT,  Mechanical Engineering,  Specialists in Caravan and Motorhome Repairs,  Wigton.        Tel:-  01697 349400    Mobile:-  07823 440813   www.jscottcaravanrepairscumbria.co.uk


Sebergham Services,  (Peter Little) The Garage, Churchtown, Sebergham.  Tel: 016974 76234


CHURCH of ENGLAND:-  St. Kentigerns  Castle Sowerby,   &    St. Kentigerns   Caldbeck

FREE CHURCH:-     Hesket-New-Market   Chapel   

FREE EVANGELICAL CHURCH:-   Castle Sowerby.  (near Sour Nook, Sebergham)


CATHOLIC CHURCH:-  St.Cathrines,  Penrith.    also   St.Ursula's,   Wigton