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Your chance to escape for a while, from hustle-bustle and monotony, to a safe environment of peace and tranquility, along side friendly people just like you, who cherish the same.
There are no Strangers here, only friends you have not yet met.

     We can now Accept your payment by VISA or MASTERCARD,
also PayPal, following the easy directions further down this page.

We take calls for bookings, 7.30 am to 7.00 pm, 7 days a week.     Tel: 01697 478571

Riverside Tourer Park's  all-weather pitch layouts  and (frost-protected) service areas have been landscaped to similar specifications to the larger Caravan Club Sites, therefore we are fully dedicated to keep you Caravaning through many of the winter months, as well as the summer. 

Now, you can benefit from a credible 4G MOBILE PHONE signal on the site.


Caravan or Motorhome, (under 7.5mtrs, 25ft)                          £20.00         per night

The Pitch fee covers:-

  • Mains Electricity Hook-up.
  • Electric Shower.
  • Hot and Cold Water at Basin.
  • Comfort Heating in Toilet & Shower.
  • Dusk to Dawn Site Lighting.

Large outfit Supplement,  twin axles & over 25ft, (7.5mtrs)      £2.00         per night                   

(Please, if you have a large outfit, you must be prepared to pay this £2 per night supplement)         See the note below regarding large outfits.

Awning    (full size or Porch)     "Payable only if on Grass"      £1.00        per night                          ("FREE" if the Awning is on Hard-standing)

Additional Adult Persons  (over party of 2)                                  £5.00  each  per night

Additional Dogs    (first two FREE)                                                   75p  each  per night

2nd Car  (1st one free)   or  Smart car trailer                                £1.00            per night

Internet Access,           FREE  

A Supplement is payable on
Bank Holidays.
There is also a minimum stay stipulation over Bank Holiday periods.  


Bookings are accepted verbally by phone, 016974 78571 
Or by filling in the booking form web page,
But, it's much, much quicker by phone, with a bit of the old fashioned personal touch.

We routinely ask you to send a deposit to secure, and reassure us that you intend to be Loyal, and that you are making a genuine commitment to the booking.  The deposit you pay up-front is deducted from the balance, so less to pay when you get to us.   

Deposits are NOT refundable or transferable.


We welcome payment of deposits and balances via PayPal, payable to our email address:-   

Simply log-in to your PayPal account,  click on "Pay or Send money" then,

on the prefered:-
Send Money to Family & Friends",
or      "Pay for Goods or Services", 

enter our email address (riversidetourer@aol.com) as the email you wish to make the payment to, the amount, and then send.   
It's as simple as that.   

Soon after we receive the Paypal payment we will respond by emailing to you a detailed Confirmation/Receipt.  Please ensure your email address, and the dates of your booking are forwarded with the PayPal payment.  

If you haven't already got a PayPal account, we would highly recommend one. It enables you to both receive, and send, uncomplicated but extremely secure payments, (with no numbers or codes revealed to anyone) to a multitude of suppliers and service providers who now accept PayPal.     The set-up procedure is very straight forward. 

We also welcome you to pay your outstanding balance by PayPal, on your day of arrival, using the site WiFi internet access, or the 4G on your phone.  You can work-out your outstanding balance by filling in the front of a payment envelope, (which has the full tariff listed) and post the envelope in the site box so that we can use it as your remittance advice.


We can now accept Credit and Debit Card Payments for deposits and balance payments, by simply providing us with the details of your card. 

After you have got established on your pitch, on the day of your arrival, we welcome you to give us a call, (from your pitch) with your card details. 

.  Name printed on the card,
.  The 16 digit Card number,
.  The expiry date,
.   and the 3 digit security number from the back of the card.


A cheque made payable to "Riverside".
Please enclose your name, address, email address, Telephone number and details of the booking with your payment.

Our Postal Address:     John & Dawn Bell, 
                                        Rose Garth,  Millhouse,   Hesket Newmarket,  CA7 8HR

Once we receive the deposit, (cheque) we will send you a detailed Receipt / Confirmation, either by post, or to your email address.

The outstanding balance may be paid by cheque, on the day of arrival, using our well proven envelope payment system, which we've used since we opened in 1997.
(The full tariff is printed on the front of the envelope)


If you have ditched the cheque book, and havn't yet got a PayPal account, you may pay direct into our bank account with BACS. 
Please send us an email, (
riversidetourer@aol.com )  requesting our bank sort code and account number,    and we'll gladly respond with the details to your email address. 

Just email us again when you've made the transaction, and we'll reply with a receipt/confirmation.


The outstanding balance may be paid in Cash, on the day of arrival, using our well proven envelope payment system, which we've used since we opened in 1997. 
(The full tariff is printed on the front of the envelope)


"If the deposit is not received  within a reasonable length of time after placing the booking we may have to assume you are not making a commitment towards the booking".   

It is important that you enclose your address, email address and the dates you have booked,  with your deposit.  
Also, to prevent confusion, "if you and your partner have Different Surnames", please provide us with both.               


We have NOT adopted separate high and low season tariffs, which can be rather complicated at the change-over times.   

Instead,   we simply have a standard Supplementary charge of  £4  which is to be added to the nightly pitch fee, (shown above) for Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights of      "all Bank Holiday weekends".        ( but excluding Christmas & New Year)

"It is important that if you intend to stay with us over a Bank Holiday weekend you must be prepared to pay our Supplement charge for these abnormally high demand periods".


For Bank Holiday Periods/Weekends,  we have a minimum stay period policy,   (excluding Christmas & New Year) ,                            

5 nights for Easter,  
3 nights for the early May Day, 
7 nights for Spring BH weekend
and 5 nights for August. 

The minimum stay nights must include the "Friday, Saturday and Sunday", but you are very welcome to stay much longer, providing there is availability.
These minimum stay nights must be paid for in  full,  regardless of wheather you have to cut your pre-booked stay short for some unexpected reason.


Due unsavoury unloyal experiences, we are now reluctant to accept bookings for twin axles, and large units of 7.5mtrs or more, during the main summer season.

If you have a large outfit exceeding 7.5mts, (25ft) it is important that you are aware of the £2 nightly supplement which will be payable during your stay.

Your sincerity and loyalty is essential, and it is extreamly important that you reveal to us that you have a twin axle or large outfit, at the time of placing the booking.

This charge covers our attendance,  organising and usually having to reserve a pitch with suitable ease of access and ground area, (many days in advance).  It also contributes towards the obvious larger internal area, (usually from our previous experience)  resulting in more costs to us.

The minimal nightly supplementary charge of £2 should be added to the standard nightly pitch fee,  for Large Outfits, twin axle caravans and motorhomes of a length exceeding 25ft, (7.5mtrs). 
Owners of small outfits would agree that this supplement is only fare to them, and justifiable.


If a pre-booked stay with us is cancelled at short notice,      ( "within 7 days of the pre-booked arrival date" )    or terminated prematurely during your stay without sufficient warning,   before the arranged departure date,  ("for what-ever reason", and especially the weather)  we reserve the right to charge the full rate for each night of un-attendance for the pitch, for which we have made a loyal commitment in your name.      Also, no refund for the period of un-attendance will be given.   



We do not tolerate "No Shows" as they waste our time, and most importantly they deprive our loyal clients from having time with us.    

We make a record of "No Shows" for future booking attempts, who may be asked to pay the full amount at the time of booking, or even declined.


"WE NEVER COME AND ASK YOU FOR PAYMENT" on the day of arrival, but gratefully request that you follow our instructions on how to use our envelope payment system, which we have used since we opened in 1997.  It works very efficiently, with benefits to both you,  and us,  as a time saver.  You can concentrate on getting-on with your well-earned holiday, and we can concentrate on doing the physical parts of looking after the park.  
So on arrival,  to avoid you wasting valuable time trying to find us to announce your arrival,  (and pay, as some sites insist should happen at this stage),   to maximise your well deserved relaxation time after your journey,   we invite you to choose your pitch,  in your pre-booked area,  ( CL or Millrace )   get set up, and comfortable with a well earned brew.     

Then,  ( preferably within the first day of your arrival ),  use our Envelope payment system,      ( instructions on how to use it are on the notice boards on site )
or by Visa/Master Card, or PayPal, as the instructions above.

For your Security during your stay, and to monitor any unauthorised entry or abuse to the site, we have the site monitored by CCTV, therefore please be reassured, we will also be aware of your arrival.


You may have to decide at this stage if you wish to take advantage of our Wi-Fi facility.  Alternatively you may opt to take the Wi-Fi at a later stage of your stay, and use a 2nd envelope to pay for it.  Its only £1 per day, (less than half the price of the main Caravan Club sites) Please note:   If you do decide to take the Wi-Fi facility, you must be prepared to pay the £1 per day fee for every day of your stay from the day you obtain the pass-word to the day of your departure.  (Not just a one-off day).


Please use our Payment Envelope system. Details of how to use it are on the Notice Board.
 Either Cash, or a Cheque made payable to:- "Riverside".
(Sorry, NOT Caravan Club Vouchers)


We welcome you to pay the balance by PayPal whilst using our Wi-Fi facility. 
If you do choose to pay the balance by PayPal, we still require you to fill in the payment details on our payment envelope, post it in the dedicated post box, stating on the envelope that you are paying by PayPal.    

PayPal payment payable to our email address: 
Guidence notes on how to do the PayPal transaction are further up this page.


We can now take payment of deposits and the balance, by Credit or Debit Card, by simply giving us a phone call from the comfort of your Caravan or Motorhome on your pitch to provide us with the details of your card.
(016974 78571)
Name printed on the Card,
the 16 digit card number, 
Expiry Date,
and the 3 digit security number on the back of the card.


We no longer take Tents or Trailer-Tents.

However, folding, and ridged sided pop-up Caravans, plus Free-Standing-Tents accompanying a Caravan or Motorhome are welcome.

You are very welcome to try your hand at the (free) fishing for the Brown Trout from our stretch of riverbank during your stay, BUT please do not base your stay with us, with the hope of our river being a serious fishing venue, as it's not, and you will be disappointed.

Also, because of previous bad experiences, we are reluctant to take bookings from "clubs" and "groups" of fishermen, who tend to disturb the peaceful nature of the site.

You are very welcome to have a stay with us for a maximum of 28 nights, on the same pitch without rotation.
However, we have NO "Seasonal Pitches"   (minimum or un-occupied Caravan or Motorhome).

We have NO Caravan Storage Pitches or Storage Facilities.