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It's probably a lot quicker, (both for you, and us) to just give us a phone call to place a booking, or make an enquiry. 

It's the only way that we can give you an instant reply, or securely book your selected time slot. 

Tel: 01697 478571

But this page can be used to make a Booking request, today if you wish.

Just fill in your details on the form below, then submit. 

We will respond as soon as possible with an email reply, to confirm that your booking has been placed.

We will routinely respond with a request for payment of a minimal deposit, (or if it's a short duraration, the full amount) to secure the booking, to reassure us, and to demonstrate your commitment towards the booking.

If the deposit is not received within 2 days then we will have to assume that you are not committing to the booking, and we will have no alternative but to remove your booking.


                There is No facility on this form to accept the required Deposit payment. 
                The deposit can be paid independently by the following methods.
"PAYPAL", following the instructions on the "Prices 2018" page,

 "VISA & MASTER Debit and Credit cards" over the phone,

"BACS".   Our bank details will be provided. 

a "CHEQUE" payable to "Riverside".

A more detailed description of the methods of which we accept payment,
 are on the "Prices page". 

After filling in the form below,
please wait for our response email before administering the deposit payment.


You are welcome to place your bookings, using this page. 

Please Note:  Check the "Availability" page for the period you intend to stay.

The "Availability Page" states the fully booked periods, so its advisable to make an enquiry before booking these periods.

Our reply email will confirm that your booking has been placed.


During the off-peak parts of the year we have no problems with large units.   
But during the "busy summer season", we find it vertually impossible to reserve a specific large pitch, on a specific day, large enough for your large unit, (twin axle or 7.5mtrs +), therefore we would much rather you chose a larger site during the high season, to specify a certain large pitch of theirs.

And if you have future plans to up-size to a larger unit, you should be aware that your aquired unit may NOT be compatable with ours, and many of the other smaller sites during the "main summer season". The choice is yours!

If you do have a large outfit exceeding 7.5mtrs, (25ft) it is important that you are aware of the £2 nightly supplement which will be payable during your stay. Your sincerity and loyalty is essential, and it is extremely important that you reveal to us that you have a twin axle or large outfit, at the time of placing the booking.

This charge covers our attendance,  organising and usually having to reserve a pitch with suitable ease of access and ground area.  It also contributes towards the obvious larger internal area, (usually from our previous experience)  resulting in more costs to us.

The minimal nightly supplementary charge of £2 should be added to the standard nightly pitch fee,  for Large Outfits, twin axle caravans and motorhomes of a length exceeding 25ft,  (7.5mtrs).                                                 _____________________________

If, for some reason, you have to cancel the booking, we will be grateful for as much notice as possible.     If the reserved stay has to be shortened in any way, without sufficient warning, or, by either not arriving on the stated arrival day, or leaving before the stated departure day, we reserve the right to charge the full rate for each night of un-attendance for the pitch that we have allocated for you, during busy periods.

We will accept your booking in good faith that you are making a commitment to the arrival and departure dates you state to us when placing the booking.  Any short notice deviations, during busy periods, cannot be amended without charge.

Deposits, Prepayments & Payments are not transferable or refundable.

Before booking Bank Holiday periods, (excluding Christmas & New Year)
please read the conditions regarding Bank Holidays, on the "Prices 2018" page.
(Minimum Stay periods, and Supplements)


We do have the policy of allowing clients to choose their own pitch on arrival.
During busy periods and high season, if you are a regular visitor to the site,you may have become accustomed to a favourite pitch.  "It is important to Note",  we cannot guarantee to have the same pitch available for you on your exact day of arrival, (due to realistic depart-arrival crossover) therefore, please you must be aware of this fact and you may have to choose an alternative pitch. 
 "It is vertually impossible to reserve a certain pitch for a certain arrival date during the busy periods", therefore we gratefully ask that you do not try to implant this responsibility upon us.  We only reserve random pitches for unit size related reasons.