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Riverside Tourer Park,
adjoins the rural Hamlet of Millhouse.

Your tranquil Cumbrian retreat, "just for Grown-ups".

Photo: September 2017

See the Availability page for the current, and August availability.

If you prefer "Small", "Adult only", "Tranquil touring parks",  you should spare some time to view the vast amount of information on this website about our small, family owned and managed Caravan Park, with the added bonus of being only 5 minutes drive from the unique walking and cycling oppertunities of the un-spoilt, unrivalled solitude of the Northern Fells area,  then give us a try.

To view a unique navigable 360deg aerial view of the site and surounding area,
just click on this link:   
 https://roundme.com/tour/272316/edit/834037/  12th May 2018             Compiled by: David Hanks.  (Please allow time for downloading to focus imaging)

We are OPEN, and available for your well deserved tranquil break right now.  

Just give us a call
01697 478571

Now, you can benefit from a credible 3G & 4G Mobile Phone signal on the site,
 (most networks).

.  We can accept your payment by VISA or MASTER card,  and by PayPal.
.  Most other sites close at the end of October.
.  We never Close.
.  Over 300 reviews of the site and area on the "Guestbook" page.
.  We don't advertise, because we don't need to.
.  Last year, (2017) we celebrated 20yrs since we commenced the creation of the site in 1997.
.  If your routine site closes for winter, we are here for you all year. Just give us a try.

See over 300 guest reviews on the "Guest Book" page:

Check out the current, and the years Availability.

Cherish the thought of being able to relax alongside
a picturesque River-Bank, with associated natural wild life, within the bounds of a child and youth free environment,  surrounded by peaceful, uncommercialised, Scenic Cumbrian Countryside,  alongside the unique walking and cycling opportunities of the virtually undiscovered and unspoilt Northern fells and area, at the Northern tip of the Lake District National park.

Photo: 15th September 2017

If your fantasies do relate to the above description, then our small site, yet to be discovered by many, is probably the only secret little gem you'll ever need, to spend some serious chilled-out youth & child-free leisure time, during both the summer and winter months.

Whether you are a "Caravan & Motorhome Club Member"  or a  "Non Member", we feel confident that our well equipped,
Adult Only, Small but Spacious, tranquil touring park can offer just what you require, as your well deserved relaxing get-away retreat. 

We originally opened as a 5 van Caravan Club "Certificated Location" (CL) in 1997, and quickly gained popularity.  We had so many regulars requesting to come and stay with us that there were stages in the year when we were constantly having to turn down bookings as the 5 van capacity had been reached.  We then, in 2003 applied for, and gained planning consent to develop our adjoining land to create extra pitches, which we now call the Millrace area.

Your chance to escape for a while, from hustle-bustle and monotony, to an environment of peace and tranquillity, alongside friendly people just like you, who cherish the same.

  • Easy 15 MINUTE, wide, straight ACCESS ROAD from J41 of the M6 Motorway.
  • A Small site, but with a Spacious feeling.  Quiet, Secluded, Tranquil, Friendly, Relaxing. 
  • Away from noise of main roads, pubs & industry.         Just the babbling of the river. 
  • RIVER BANK SETTING.    Two rivers converge on site. 
  • At the Un-spoilt, Scenic Northern tip of the Lake District National Park.
  • Door step reach to the Northern Fells, and un-rivalled "open" Common-land WALKING.
  • The nearest touring Caravan & Motorhome park to the Eastern side of the unspoilt, and virtually undiscovered Northern Fells,  yet only an easy 15 minutes from J41 of the M6.
  • You can now benefit from a, (long awaited) credible MOBILE PHONE signal on the site.
  • GOOD for CYCLING. The Local network of small roads are virtually traffic free.
  • The Northern Fells bridleways are the perfect terrain for off-road Mountain Biking.
  • Well Spaced level and wide HARD STANDING PITCHES.
  • ELECTRIC HOOK-UPs on all pitches. 
  • All pitches are HARD STANDING, (& on the Millrace, mature privacy hedges in between) 
  • SHOWERS and TOILETS with comfort heating.  (snug, cosy, warm and uniquely private)
  • ADULTS ONLY   There are no children on the site,  (21 year olds +)
  • AFFORDABLE.  (Just compare our pitch fees to larger sites)
  • Your, low cost, well deserved, child & youth free, peace & relaxation on the riverbank
  • OPEN ALL YEAR.  Your Sheltered winter retreat.
  • ALL-WEATHER, well spaced HARD-STANDINGS. (6 on the CL and 9 on the Millrace)   
  • FISHING, (free but not serious) from our stretch of riverbank.                                                (No fishing clubs or Groups please). 
  • MOTOR HOME FRIENDLY.  (On-board-tank, fill and emptying facilities)
  • PETS WELCOME.  (Avoid expensive kennel charges, bring your dog with you)
  • EXCELLENT TV RECEPTION,  ("Digital Free-View"),  so PLEASE do not use the site WiFi for viewing live television.  Bring your television set.
  • Ideal Sheltered Safe-Haven Winter break destination
  • On the "Millrace Area" you don't need to be a member of the Caravan Club, or any Club.
  • "WI-FI Internet access", now FREE. 
  • Most of the major SUPERMARKETS DELIVER to the site, with on-line orders.
  • Only 30 minutes journey to the Historic Border City of Carlisle,  with it's modern "LANES" Shopping Centre, and plenty of city centre car parking.

Check out the current, and 2017 availability:-

Since we opened in 1997, we've had the pleasure of meeting and welcoming many wonderful people to Riverside. Some of them visit the site several times a year and have become close friends to us. 

With the passage of time, many of the loyal orriginals have become too old to continue caravanning.  Sadly some are no longer with us.

Photo: Tues. 18th July 2017

We would love to welcome you as a first time guest, with the hope that the site brings you the same level of pleasure it's provided for previous guests through the many years.

Most of the photos of the site, on this website are bang up to date, having been taken only a very short while ago. The lower level photos are taken on a regular basis from our mobile access hoist, and published on to the website almost immediately.

They keep you up to date with what the site currently looks like, and enable you to make your own judgment of the on-going lengths we go to, to maintain the site to the best possible standard.

Photo: Tues. 18th July 2017

Current AVAILABILITY is shown on the "Availability" page. 
The page is regularly updated, at least once a day.
Visit the GUESTBOOK page for over 280 reviews of the site and area. After a stay with us, we invite you to leave a review of your experience. 

Riverside Tourer Park is regarded by many loyal Caravan Club Member Guests, and non-members, who regularly visit the site, as a good value, quality alternative, compared to Large sites, and National Club Sites,  where you unwaryily end up paying vat, and over the odds for services, child play equipment, administration, personnel & "over-the-top-facilities" you don't actually need, or use.

Photo: Sat. 3rd June 2017

If you are new to Caravanning, nervous about reversing and manoeuvreing your caravan, or haven't got a mover, we are happy to offer free help, or guidance. 

You only have to ask.

We have nearly five decades of physical skills and experience in reversing trailers, caravans and most makes of car, to efficiently help you onto, (and off) your chosen pitch, eliminating potential stress. 

At Riverside, being Adults only, there'll be NO kids playing football, or speeding around on their bikes next to your prime investment,  your "Caravan or Motorhome", which is very vunerable to damage.    

Riverside is a Child and Youth free zone.

Photo: 16th July 2017    

We are fortunate to be in a very competitive position, to offer you quality, together with affordability and good value, which you may be looking for, but with the bonus of tranquility.                  

Before you choose to book your stay at another site, why not do a comparison with their features against ours.

  • Have they got a picturesque River as a focal point,
    (complete with associated wildlife) bordering the site? 
  • Are they located only 2 miles away from access to some of the country's finest open common land and fell walking, the "Northern Fells" of the Lake District National Park?
  • Are they only 15 minutes from the M6, with an easy, wide, straight access road?
  • Are all their pitches wide, level, well spaced Hard standings with roads linking them?
  • Does all of their pitches have an Electric Hook-up, and have they the security of dusk-to-dawn site lighting and CCTV?
  • Have they got a credible Internet Access WiFi system?
  • Have they got seamless Free View TV Reception?
  • Have they any landscaping to create a pleasant aroma-free environment,
     in which to relax?
  • Are they far enough away from noisy roads,  farm machinery and air contamination?
  • Have they got, snug, uniquely private,Toilet & FREE Shower facilities? 
  • Are they Adult only?
  • Are they open all year with essential frost protected facilities?

Unlike the busy, rather overwhelmed South & Mid Lakes, our area, (The Scenic Northern Lakeland Fells) remains virtually time warped and un-developed, planning protected, un-spoilt by commercialisation.
The Northern Fells of the Lake District have yet to be "Discovered" by most.

Other parts of the Lake District used to be like ours, until they were commercialised.

The local Northern Fells, (and potential Local Fell Walks, only 10 minutes drive from the site), are featured in detail in Alfred Wainwright's  "Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells",  (The Northern Fells)  book number Five.  

A.W. loved solitude during fell walking. 
That's why he especially loved the Northern Fells.

There's more about the Northern Fells on this link.  Our Hamlet of MILLHOUSE, is shown on the top right corner of the Map. 

The are the nearest touring Caravan and Motorhome park to these unique walking opportunities of the Eastern side of the Northern Fells.   
Yet only, (an easy, wide and straight) 15 minutes from J41 of the M6 Motorway.  

There's loads more about the Northern Fells on the "Location/Region" page.

This is the small, quiet, no-through road leading to the head of the scenic, (glaciation formed) Swineside valley, accessed from the village of Mosedale. (Ideal terrain for cycling as well as walking). 

High up on the side of Bowscale fell, in Swineside valley, above where the previous photo was taken, is Bowscale Tarn.  
"The tarn of the immortal fish"   (According to Wordsworth).

See an extensive selection of Photos of our local landscape and excellent walking opportunities on the "Location / Region" page.  Also, on the same page, (as well as this one),  you'll find many informative links.

Visit this website to view pictorial details of 27 walks of the Northern Fells:-                                                     http://josweeney.net/walks/northern-fells/

Also, visit this website for a complete illustrated description of the Northern Fells range:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_Fells

Walks of Carrock and High Pike, (our nearest fells) are detailed in this link:-  www.walklakes.co.uk/walk_38.html

Riverside offers the peace and quietness you would expect from an adult only site, however you have the option of being in the busy well-known parts of the Lakes,  even Southern Scotland, the Solway coast, Hadrian's Wall, or the Historic Border City of Carlisle with it's modern shopping centre,  all within a 20 to 40 minute journey by car.   Below, are some useful descriptive links. 

http://www.visitcumbria.com/car/carlisle/                http://www.visithadrianswall.co.uk/    http://visitcumbria.com/wc/silloth/                           http://visitcumbria.com/kes/keswick/  http://www.visitcumbria.com/pen/ullswater/        http://visitcumbria.com/kes/bassenthwaite-lake/

Just click on the list of features on the above-left margin, to see another 17 pages, (which we update each day), packed with information, together with a pictorial and comprehensive description of the site, and the area. 

Your chance, just to relax on the riverbank,    away from kids, traffic noise and life's "timed" hustle & bustle.                                      Throw away the watch, wind-down, and live along-side the river, and an environment of associated wild-life and nature. (See the Wild life page).                                              This, really is your chance to relax, and do what you just can't get, or can't get-away-with, at home.  

Why don't you come and enjoy a well deserved relaxing grown-ups drink on the riverbank?


We no longer take Tents or Trailer-Tents.   

However, folding, and ridged sided pop-up Caravans,  plus Free-Standing-Tents accompanying a Caravan or Motorhome are welcome.

You are very welcome to try your hand at the (free) fishing for the Brown Trout from our stretch of riverbank during your stay,  BUT please do not base your stay with us, with the hope of our river being a serious fishing venue, as it's not, and you will be disappointed.    

Also, because of previous bad experiences, we are reluctant to take bookings from  "clubs" and "groups" of fishermen, who tend to disturb the peaceful nature of the site.

You are very welcome to have a Maximum Stay of 28 nights with us, on the same pitch without rotation.  

We have NO "Seasonal Pitches"   (minimum or un-occupied Caravan or Motorhome).  

We have NO Caravan Storage Pitches or Storage Facilities.


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